ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics has been a part of the Clackamas community since 1991.  We have treated thousands of your friends and family, providing exceptional service and amazing smiles.  Dr Chapman is a part of an exclusive study club of orthodontists from around the world, where he shares ideas with over 100 of the best orthodontists in the world.  He brings all of the best ideas back to Clackamas to treat patients with the best orthodontic treatments available.14-1004Chapman-336


Our great team of professional has over 135 years of orthodontic experience.  We pride ourselves in being the most up to date office around utilizing new technologies and good old fashioned experience.  Our team is fun, warm and caring.  From appointment reminder texts and emails to hot coffee and warm chocolate chip cookies, you will be very pleased with our practice style.


Dr Chapman asks his patients:  “How long do you want to wear your braces?”  We have found that longer is not better.  The quickest most comfortable orthodontic treatment are available in our office.

Remember, it all about being done and having that amazing smile..