DSCF6603What’s That? An iTero Scanner

We always strive to provide the latest technology to our patients. So we are happy to announce that we can now provide a totally “impressionless” treatment in our office using the iTero scanner.

iTero Impressionless Scanner

Our practice now offers the iTero Impression-less Scanner in our office. The innovative iTero Impressionless Scanner is an advanced technology used to take oral impressions for braces and Invisalign®. Impressionless scanning uses confocal imaging to digitally capture the shape of teeth and gums, providing a multitude without the use of traditional impressions.

Traditional impression techniques requires a patient to be uncomfortably seated while having a messy substance in their month. However, with the iTero Impressionless Scanner it takes 1/3 the time to take an impression andwhe get a much more detailed result.

iTero Impressionless Scanners have several benefits over traditional impressions. First, it is much more comfortable for our patients to obtain records of their teeth.  Secondly, a patient’s movement does not distort the scan while eliminating the invasiveness and discomfort caused by impressions. Third, the real-time digital display of scans allows for immediate adjustment, assuring accurate scans the first time. Finally, the image quality of impressionless scans is superior to conventional impressions.