As we get back into school mode and out of summer mode we get busier and busier! Many parents struggle with getting their children to brush their teeth. Oral hygiene is so important for overall health and for your orthodontic treatment success.

We have found some cool apps to help encourage kids to brush their teeth better. Both of these apps are free and available on iPhone and Androids.

Brush DJ: This app is great for middle schoolers and teenagers! It plays either free music through the app or you can play your own music. It will play music for two minutes and remind you when to switch areas of brushing. It also reminds you to brush the fronts, backs, chewing surface and gums. Another awesome feature of this app are the cool youtube videos in it. There are instructions on how to brush and they come from someone besides you! Always good when dealing with those teenagers. 🙂  

Brush Up: Brush Up is a super fun app for younger kids. When you start the app, it has you position yourself in the “mirror” of the app. Then you brush along with the character who brushes gross green stuff off his teeth. The app directs the kids in how to angle their toothbrush, where to brush and when to move areas as they brush. Once they are done brushing they can see their score of how well they got the gross green stuff off their own teeth since they were in the mirror the whole time. The app plays  a super fun catchy tune while you brush, we had a blast in the office with it.

If you are struggling with getting your kids to brush, young or old, download one of these apps and give the kids your phone while they brush. You can also check them out on our office iPads.