Welcome to my first blog about orthodontic treatment!

My name is Gary Chapman, and I’m an orthodontist in Clackamas, Oregon. Before I begin discussing orthodontics, I thought I would outline my qualifications to discuss this subject. I graduated from Santa Clara University in 1986 with a bachelors degree in Combined Sciences with an eye on Dental school and eventually Orthodontic school. My Dental training took me to Omaha, Nebraska for the next 4 years. Great place to go to school…not many distractions. I graduated top of my class with my eye still on orthodontic training. Orthodontic school is highly competitive, everyone would like to have the best job in the world! I was accepted to Oregon Health Sciences University’s orthodontic program in 1987, graduating in 1989. After graduation, I joined the practices of Dr. Don Griffith and Dr. Jim Wildman as an associate in both practices. I learned much from both of these very good clinicians. I soon purchased Dr. Wildman’s practice in Eugene and started my own practice here in Clackamas in 1991. I have had the opportunity to treat approximately 15,000 patients in my career, so far. So many nice people over the years…..

I am fortunate to have been a part of a very exclusive study club, The ORMCO Insiders, a world class group of very successful orthodontists, engineers and marketing people for the past 20 years. I am grateful for all the information and clinical techniques that I have brought back to treat my patients more efficiently and with better outcomes year after year. They’re probably the single most influential group of colleagues I’ve been associated with.

In future posts I will be discussing various aspects of orthodontic treatment and what patients experience in our office. I love this profession and what we have to offer our patients in terms of self esteem, success in life and overall health.

Until next time,Gary Chapman

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