ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics is a modern but established orthodontics practice located in Happy Valley, Oregon. Founded and operated by orthodontist Gary Chapman, DDS, the practice is dedicated to treating patients with the highest quality care in a relaxed, fun, and friendly environment.

Dr. Chapman and the team at ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics believe everyone deserves individualized care. They never recommend treatment before a full orthodontic evaluation. To ensure their patients always receive quality care, the practice offers free initial consultations for every new patient.

Investing in the latest orthodontic technology is important to the practice. Newer technology results in shorter treatment times, fewer in-office visits, and less pain and discomfort for patients when treating issues like TMJ pain and sleep apnea.

Yes, we do braces, but we also offer 3M™ Clarity™ clear aligners for those who choose to be more discreet with their treatment.

Avoiding tooth extractions is another priority at ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics. Dr. Chapman only recommends extractions when absolutely necessary. The practice encourages early intervention treatments starting as early as 7 years old, like rapid palate expanders appliances. These devices help prevent overcrowding and misaligned teeth. We also do Sleep Assessments.

The staff at ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics understands that many children, teens, and adults come straight to their offices after school or work. For hungry patients, they offer freshly baked chocolate chip cookies daily.

To schedule an appointment, call ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics at (503) 659-5000 or book an appointment online now.