Happy New Year! I am now in my 3rd month of wearing Insignia braces. The process has been surprisingly easy – I’ve only gone in to see Dr. Chapman and his team at ChapmanSmiles twice! The rest of the time, armed with wax and my water pik, I’ve been happy with how easy it really is to get used to my braces. It took me a few weeks to feel as though I could speak clearly, and of course, every morning I was surprised that I had braces! Took me a second to remember what was going on. As the Holidays approached, I joked that I would decorate my wires to celebrate, but I nixed that idea when my kids began plotting what I could hang from them!

I have been careful to pay attention to the “foods to avoid” as the thought of eating sticky carmels and crunchy almonds doesn’t sound like a good plan. Notice how it all comes down to food!  I had to pass on a few Christamas Cookies, but there is always next year! My next appointment is in a few weeks when my wires will be switched out for a wider wire. Dr. Chapman explained that this process really begins to show quick results. Already, I can see a difference in a few of my teeth and their position in my mouth. Exciting changes! So far, this has been a very easy experience and I am very excited about the outcome!

Things are starting to move around!

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