There have been many advancements in the realm of tooth straightening over the past few decades. Traditional metal-and-wire braces take years to yield results. Clear aligners can return a straighter smile in months. Now, even that process can be sped up with the help of acceleration tools used in-office and at home.

At Chapman Smiles Orthodontics in Happy Valley, Clackamas, Oregon, orthodontist Dr. Gary Chapman provides accelerated orthodontics to give you a straighter smile in even less time.

Introducing Propel®

Dr. Chapman starts your orthodontic treatment with a complete evaluation, and helps you decide if traditional braces or aligners are best for straightening your teeth. No matter which you choose, he speeds up the process by using one or more devices from the Propel line of advanced orthodontics tools to accelerate the process.

The Propel Excellerator® is a small hand-held device that lets Dr. Chapman put small dimples along your gumline. He targets the teeth that require the most movement. This tool makes the gum tissue and bone more malleable, allowing the tooth to shift position faster and more easily. 

How it works: MOPs

The Propel Excellerator works by creating micro-osteoperforations™ or MOPs in the alveolar (tooth-supporting) bone. This, in turn, creates precision microfractures as the bone breaks down and reshapes itself, allowing the tooth root to move steadily toward its intended position. The bone heals around the tooth’s new position when your orthodontic treatment is complete.

Once he creates the microfractures, Dr. Chapman gives you a VPro™ device to take home with you. This is a small, U-shaped device you simply put in your mouth and turn on for about five minutes a day. It helps keep the tissues softer, and lets your braces work more quickly.

How it works: HVF

The Propel VPro works by using high-frequency vibration (HVF). This painlessly stimulates your alveolar bone and gum tissue, letting the tooth move more easily through them toward a new position while stimulating blood flow and healing responses. These vibrations are painless, and you can easily add the five-minute daily treatment to your normal oral hygiene routine.  

With the combination of in-office dimpling and at-home HVF sessions, your total orthodontic treatment time could be reduced by as much as 64%. Dr. Chapman carefully discusses your entire treatment plan with you, including the use of any Propel devices. 

To find out if accelerated tooth straightening is right for you, call Chapman Smiles Orthodontics at 503-336-3269, or schedule an appointment online today.

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