Dentistry has come a long way in the past few decades, and that includes the specialty of orthodontics. Traditional braces used to be quite an ordeal, but today’s versions are sleeker, less invasive, and more comfortable. They’re also faster, thanks to devices that accelerate the process.

At ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics in Happy Valley, Clackamas, Oregon, orthodontist Dr. Gary Chapman provides accelerated orthodontics for a gorgeous smile in less time than traditional braces.

Accelerated orthodontics basics

Accelerated orthodontics isn’t so much a type of teeth straightening process on its own as an aid to make the tooth straightening process faster. If you’re going to get braces, you’re likely a good candidate for acceleration devices. 

You can benefit from accelerated orthodontics whether you’re using traditional braces or clear aligners. Dr. Chapman discusses both options with you and helps you make the best choice for you.

Once that decision has been made, you’ll also be able to choose if you want acceleration of the tooth straightening process. Again, Dr Chapman walks you through all your choices and helps you understand if you’re a good candidate for this process.

Using the Propel® system

Dr. Chapman prefers the Propel line of advanced orthodontics tools to accelerate the tooth straightening process. He uses the Propel Excellerator® (a small hand-held device) to target the teeth that require the most movement, and puts small dimples along the gumline. 

The dimples create micro-osteoperforations™ (also known as MOPs) in the bone that’s supporting your teeth, letting the teeth move faster and more easily through the gum and bone tissue to the desired location.

You’ll get a VPro™ device (a small u-shaped device that fits in your mouth) to take home with you and use for about five minutes every day. It sends high-frequency vibration (HVF) through the tissues, keeping them malleable so your teeth continue to move quickly.

Is accelerated orthodontics better than traditional braces alone?

Whether you use Propel with traditional braces or clear aligners, the total orthodontic treatment time can be reduced by as much as 64%. Obviously, shortened treatment time is a plus for a lot of people, so you could say that this method is “better.” It all depends on your specific case. Dr. Chapman helps you understand the process and makes sure it’s right for you before recommending this option.

To find out if accelerated tooth straightening is better for you, call ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics at 503-659-5000, or schedule an appointment online today.

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