We all have more to smile about these days!

As our communities are slowly opening back up for business, we are all thankfully able to begin resuming some of our normal routines. While it’s great to have more options for shopping, haircuts and other appointments, it is still important to continue being diligent in our practices to keep your family and friends safe and healthy.

That’s why ChapmanSmiles is offering Virtual Consultations! Dr. Gary Chapmen has more than 31 years of experience in orthodontics and can spot a good treatment candidate from a mile away. OK, a mile may be a bit far, but you know what we mean! Dr. Chapman has helped thousands of patients get the smile they want and deserve, and we won’t let COVID-19 stop us from helping you!

The Virtual Consultation is a really easy process – one you can do from the comfort of your couch. How easy?

  • You have a phone, right? Smile! Take five smiling selfies – from the front, from the right and from the left, and your upper and lower arches.
  • Send those photos to us through our Virtual Consultation Page, Facebook Messenger or via email.
  • Dr. Chapman will review your photos and work his magic to come up with a treatment plan for you, and our treatment coordinator will contact you with the orthodontic plan.
  • After you review the plan, our treatment coordinator will happily review payment options with you. We never want finances to stand in the way of your smile so we offer flexible in-office, interest-free payment plans as well as financing through our trusted partners.

    That was easy, wasn’t it?

    And did we mention the Virtual Consultation is FREE? You’ll save time, stay home and save money. It’s a great option for adults in the Clackamas, Happy Valley, Portland, and Damascus areas who have been thinking about orthodontics but haven’t had the time to make a consultation appointment.

    Whether you are considering orthodontics so you can get a boost in self-confidence or for dental or medical reasons, we understand that the idea of getting braces when you’re an adult can be scary or intimidating. A Virtual Consultation can take a little bit of that apprehension away.

    No matter your age, Dr. Chapman and his team strive to make every orthodontic experience a good one. From the state-of-the-art technology used for treatments and the continuing education that Dr. Chapman and his assistants receive to the warm, fuzzy blankets when you’re cold and the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies we make daily, we try to think of everything that will make you comfortable while you’re our patient.

    Let ChapmanSmiles help bring a bright, healthy smile to your face. Get started today with a Virtual Consultation!

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